Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Impressions: Taiwan

Taiwanese people are much more... assertive... than Japanese people. And stare more openly. (^.~)

Chinese style architecture is beautiful!

I've missed bubble tea. 

Not all bathrooms provide toilet paper. Thank goodness for that tissue in my bag!

Taipei is a REAL city. Full of life, chaos, and scooters. I've missed this.

There are Westerners/foreigners everywhere, and they have great food. :)

Kiwi Gourmet Burger: Lamb and Feta

Julie is a great host and an amazing friend! 

Today we are headed to Jiufen! Excited!


  1. i envy u!!! it's my dream to go to 台湾!!! did u take 変身写真?! hehe

  2. No I didn't take 変身写真. :) I didn't even know about it! ha ha!