Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter may have snuck up on me (and probably passed by unnoticed) if it hadn't been for the two wonderful care packages I received. Thank you, Mom and Kim! 

My mom sent a box full of these delicious homemade chocolates:
 I have been sharing them with a lot of people, and I still have plenty left for myself. :) 

My friend, Kim, sent me a GREAT care package
 filled with Easter goodies including:
some plastic eggs, 

these adorable hamster stickers...

 and tie-dye/glitter egg coloring sets!! 

 I shared all of these fun things with the little kids in my life: the children from 
Ishimine Baptist Church, and the girls in my little adopted Okinawan family. :) 

 They had a blast! 

Cute, huh? 

I completed the Easter weekend with a trip back to my first church in Okinawa: Central Baptist. It was nice to be in an English-speaking service and to see all the wonderful people I'd been missing there. It was also great to join in on the potluck afterwards and feast myself on some traditional Easter food! 

I'm glad I found a little slice of Easter all the way over in Asia.

 And even though it isn't really a holiday here, the fish wind socks hanging up for Children's Day seemed festive on Easter, as well. :) 

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  1. Hi ReBekha!

    Wow! How fun seeing easter and kodomono-hi at the same time :D
    I totally forgot about these two events... maybe because there is no child around me...

    Are those easter eggs planned and designed by you?! I love those American colors :)