Sunday, October 25, 2009

A lovely, stormy day

The storm woke me from an unpleasant dream about crashing into the ocean at about 4 a.m., and when I got up again at 8:30 it was still raging. Maybe not the ultimate typhoon of all time, but bigger and windier and rainier than anything I have ever experienced.

So I debated for awhile, analyzed the abilities of my little car (bare tires... small size... squeaky brakes...), and decided to delay my plans for the day. This meant, unfortunately, missing some awesome fellowship at my new church, but I remembered my dream and d
ecided to play it safe.

Instead, I took pancake batter, fried honey-apples, and chocolate chips down the road to An Yang's and made breakfast. They turned out alright (I still need to find food coloring!). 

Then I chilled out there for awhile and waited for a break in the weather, hoping to salvage at least some of our plans for the day. Around 2:00 we thought the weather had calmed so we decided to chance it, but walking down her steps was a fight for life and driving was no better. The winds beat that little car around the road like a cat batting yarn, and despite having my windshield wipers on high, visibility was low. After hydro planing (sp?) for the second time, An and I gave up our plans for good, and drove back to my apartment. 

Once safely in my little haven, we popped popcorn, closed the curtains, and hunkered down to watch "Taken." We both agree that this movie ROCKS, and that watching a suspenseful movie is the best plan for a stormy day. The winds shaking the windowpanes added some great ambience. :)

OooOOOoooo stormy!
After the movie, I cleaned like a crazy person while An cooked Chahan (chinese fried rice), and we ate our dinner happily while the wind hissed and the rain sputtered outside. I tried to open my door once and it slammed back in my face. How rude.

From the safety of my barred windows. 
At one point, I got a surprising knock on my door. Wondering who could be out in this weather, I opened the door cautiously to find my neighbor, wrapped in a trash bag, drowning in the downpour. I asked her to come in, and she, in broken English (bless her!), told me that my car lights were on. This blew me away!! She not only went out of her way to tell me, but did so in the downpour of the summer (if not century! /exaggeration)! So sweet.

The storm has passed on by now, tormenting other areas of the island I am sure, and I am happy with this rainy day. Despite the disappointment of ruined plans, the storm gave me the chance to clean, to relax, and to cook. All things which I have needed greatly.

So, bring on the next typhoon! And make it a good one. :)