Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Pass?

Is it awful that I am using my upcoming departure as a free pass to... well, whatever I want?

You don't want to go out tonight? But I am only in Seattle for two more months!
This assignment is due tomorrow? But how can I focus on anything but JET?
You want me to clean? But I have to pack for Japan!
Japan is not a good excuse anymore? But I am moving to the other side of the world!

Okay, this isn't entirely true. But almost.

Don't like it? But... I will soon be gone.. for one year or... forever. *puppy dog eyes*

Saturday, April 11, 2009

CHO Ureshii!* :)

I originally posted this blog on Facebook, because I hadn't decided on a name for this blog site. But here is the first thing I wrote after finding out about my JET acceptance:

Back story, if you need it: I have wanted to travel overseas since I was um... 11? I have wanted to live in Asia since 2005, and I have been dying to teach English in Japan since I first heard about the JET program in Japanese class two years ago. =D

Well, in November, I sent in my (tedious, carefully-crafted, painful) application to the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Program office, praying that every 'i' was concisely dotted and every 't' crossed at exactly the right angle with just the right amount of flourish (The Japanese government is somewhat meticulous). Then, I (along with my great friend, Nikolina, who also applied) waited. and waited. and waited. and pretended I wasn't waiting. and waited some more. In January, we heard that we got interviews (yes!), in February we interviewed (and rocked them), and for the past 1 month, 2 weeks, and 6 days, we have been waiting, anxiously, awfully, terribly waiting. Since April 1st, the waiting has gotten even more awful because we knew that we could receive notice.

So, for the past six days, I have been checking my email fanatically and nearly screaming anytime someone has asked me about the program. Last night I dreamed that we got the email in such detail that when I woke up and sprinted to my computer, I was almost shocked to have no new messages. I continued to check my email every hour after that until lunch.

Then after my "Teaching Reading for ESL" class, I checked my email again, not expecting anything, and nearly collapsed when I saw "Seattle JET desk" in my new messages. I cried out for my beloved professor, Julia, to come, and she helped me read the message through tears, hyperventilation, and screaming (which disturbed the class next door). After hugging her, crying into her shoulder, literally falling on the floor, and trying desperately to contact Nikolina to see if she had heard back, I rushed to Suzan's office (who is my adviser, supporter, JET informant, and sanity savior), jumped up and down with her, and then ran all over campus, calling or texting everyone possible, and vainly searching for Nikolina. Finally, we found each other, screamed, cried, giggled, jumped, ran around some more, and continued the frenzy to tell everyone possible our exciting news. Joe and Kellyn, we will see you soon!

Now I am celebrating with Shoshana. She is glorious and brought me a panini and ice cream and is listening to me rant on and on. Moving across the world!! She is even going to VISIT ME!

I don't know how to begin to tell you what this means to me. Not only am I guaranteed a job after graduation (making the next month MUCH less stressful), but it is THE job that I have wanted for SO long, and it is a fulfillment of so many promises and goals.

I didn't think I would make it, but here I am. A month from graduating, with supportive and wonderful friends, a family that accepts my dreams, and all the
freedom to do exactly what I know I am supposed to do. I get to do it!


*VERY happy. :)