Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Instagram & Ishigaki

I have an android again, which means I have some serious app addictions again. The same time-drainers from last year apply, but this time you can add an extra billion hours spent on Instagram.

Ojima Fisherman's Boat

It's no surprise, really. I've been obsessed with all of my friends' Instagram photos from the beginning, and have been secretly bidding my time until I could jump on that bandwagon.

Yabusachi Chocolate Cake
Paris Pedicure

If my little battery could take it, I'd upload a new photo every two minutes. It's such a fun way to vamp up cell phone pics (especially when I don't currently have a real camera) and to rediscover all the magical things around me.
Silly Shisa
Ojima Stray
 A reminder that is perfectly timed to help combat my current transition blues. It's good to remember why you stayed when so many people you care about decide that it's time to leave.

That Hair
Those Eyes

That Face
 This last weekend I got to practice my Instagram photography on the beautiful island of Ishigaki. The main reason I went was a two day English camp, and that was a great, but the highlight was the extra day we spent just bumming around the island, snorkeling, and sightseeing. I wish I could do the same thing every weekend!

Freshly caught lunch!
Kabira Bay
 That's all I have for you today! If you have Instagram on your smartphone, you can follow me at rebekhalebekka. If not, I will probably be posting more highlights soon.

Tonight's sunset from my balcony.
Good night!