Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March in Photos

I have been failing at my Project 365 lately. I blame the sudden, untimely death of my little point-and-shoot camera and my D80s steady progression toward the electronics graveyard. It's time I start putting money aside for a new DSLR. Ugh.

Despite my petty excuses, I did manage to capture most of the days in March, and want to share them with you now. :)

Unfortunately my Spring "Break" is over and classes start tomorrow so I don't have time to re-arrange or caption them. Also, I have another blog that I want to post. So, you can view all of my 365 photos and their captions HERE on Flickr.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi ReBekha,

    Welcome back!!!
    Some people didn't come back to Japan after the quake, so I'm glad to see you again :)

    I know! Fun times passes quickly!!!

    I love your purikura personalized Starbucks cup! I gotta do that!!! I was changing the paper in the cup but what a fun idea!!!

    But only purikura I have are out of date. (taken when I was in high school... almost 10 years ago!!!) anyways, who knows! haha

  2. Hey Ochi! I forgot to respond here. :P

    Actually I only left Japan for a wedding. I am happy here. :)

    I have another Starbucks cup that my friend gave me that is full of daily fun photos. :) You can do all kinds of things with those mugs!