Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tea Time at Wistaria Tea House

I almost forgot about one of the Taiwan experiences that was definitely noteworthy! That's what I get for storing the pictures in another folder. 

On my last day in Taiwan, before heading off to the airport, Jules and I (and later Katannya) bused over to  Wistaria Tea House for a classic tea service and an early lunch. 

We started with a tea of Jules' choosing.  
Luckily, the server was a very kind lady who took us through
 the ceremony in English so that we could do it right. 

Coconut tea cakes. Yum!

 The tea I chose is called "Lotus in a Golden Wind."I chose it mainly for it's  name, but the description is pretty convincing, as well. 

It was a yummy choice: light and fruity. 

 When we were through our second batch of tea, it was lunch time! 
To my surprise all the lunches were Japanese-style. 
It turns out that this tea house was created during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. 
No matter the style, it was delicious! 

Thanks for the lovely tea time, ladies! It was a great way to end a marvelous vacation!

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