Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exploring Risotto

I've been stuck in my apartment all day because of this impending storm (and because my car is stranded in Naha... long story), and the boredom is starting to crush me. I've watched at least 13 episodes of "Bones" today, have cleaned about 75% of my house, and have cooked two big meals. 

Right now, the storm is raging strongly. The wind and rain and slamming against all the windows and doors. The power flickered a few times and is now out completely. That leaves me, 1 hour of laptop battery, some candles, and nothing to do. So... I will tell you about risotto! 
Creamy chicken tomato risotto with cheddar cheese (and a yummy pickle garnish). 
I like cooking dishes that are easily variable to fit the random contents of my fridge (like fried rice! you can just throw anything in there!), and risotto fits the bill! So far I have made it with cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, and, today, chicken broth and canned tomatoes: 

Tomato Risotto cooked chicken broth and a yellow pepper garnish. 

Sometimes vegetables can be pretty expensive in the grocery store, so I like to buy whatever I can find at the local veggie stand. Campbell's soup is also pricey, so I just pick up whatever I can find at a good price. 
It's a lot of fun to totally improvise a meal. It makes me feel like I can actually get by in this world and make my own meals. Pretty novel, right? 

Well, that's the end of my typhoon-boredom-power-outage ramblings. The wind sounds either like a demon train of destruction or like the world's largest chair scraping loudly and painfully across the world's largest wooden floor. Kinda creepy. Now I'm going to take my candles, flashlight, and a book to bed and hope the wind quiets down enough for me to sleep at some point tonight. 

Goodnight, Super Typhoon Songda. You were fun for like a minute, now go away. 

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  1. hi rebekha!

    oh no, right! here in tokyo, we have rain but it should be severe over there X( how is the weather now?!

    i totally understand about your risotto. hehe

    anyways, for 2 weeks, my eat outs on the weekend were unsuccessful, so i thought i should have cooked at home... haha