Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine!

The typhoon left behind some of the most beautiful weather we've had all year. I'd be okay with a typhoon sweeping through every month if it guaranteed low-humidity sunny days like these! 


The view from Hamabe no Chaya Cafe

Angie and her french toast. This cafe was open and serving customers despite the power outage. 

Dinner at a cafe by Araha Beach as the sun was setting. 

See the palm trees?
I drove straight from work to drink in this view. Mibaru Beach. 

Back to Hamabe no Chaya for the 2nd day in a row. Kitty!

Hamabe Pizza :) 

Then to Hiyakuna Beach:

to read, 

to watch the sunset, 

and to play. 



  1. you've been there twice?! you like there ;)

    you can't live in tokyo if you know such a comfy place!!!

    i'm glad to see your smile :D and i like the picture you threw the shrit! looks really peaceful!

  2. It is such a peaceful place to sit and think or read or work. :) You'd love it.

    Thanks so much, Ochi! :D