Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Restless Boredom of Indecision: Cured

When the clock stuck the appropriate hour, I began to gather my books and laptop and to take my leave of the other teachers. But then, as I slung my bag over my shoulder and reached for my cardigan, I hesitated. A terrible feeling began to take shape, a feeling which I can only describe as the restless boredom of indecision. 

This feeling strikes rarely--usually when I'm faced with a night with no real plans and too many possibilities. A night like tonight. 

So, as I stood, suspended over my cluttered desk like a demented hot air balloon, I weighed my options:
-Stay: Sit at the desk, type around the internet, rearrange my desk for the millionth time.
-Join a club: It's fun to hang around with the students after school and join the dance club or volleyball club, but I just wasn't feeling it. I've been spending a lot of evenings at work lately. 
-Home: Lonely, dark, and quiet home. With dirty dishes.

-Other? Here loomed endless possibilities of entertainment, friends I could visit, adventures I could take, but none of them concrete enough to act upon in my state of preemptive boredom. 

However, one glance outside made my mind up for me.  

Seconds later I was in the car, windows down, and winding my way along the coast. Warm, sunny, sparkling, ocean. Oh yeah. 

When I got to my favorite beach I suited up in my running gear and took off down the beach. After a few steps, however, I stopped. Not because I was out of breath, but because this sight took my breath away:

I slowed my pace numerous times as I strode down the beach to take in the deepening shades of color.Of course I left my camera at home, and my cellphone camera really doesn't do justice, but this was one of the loveliest sunsets I've seen. The clouds added dimension, the ocean water reflected the colors brilliantly, and there were even some jets leaving their golden streams through the sun. Gorgeous. 

I even found some leaves to crunch! Quite the rarity here in the subtropics.

This was technically before I changed into running clothes, but look! You can see my new shoes! :)

All of these factors--the run, the sun, the leaves--made me giddy and I decided to reward myself with a seaweed salad at the best little cafe in Okinawa. 

They decorated for Christmas. 
A sweet little kitty greeted me at the door 

And bid me goodnight. 
After that little adventure I was happy to go back to my cozy, quiet apartment. It's funny how perspective can change so easily. 


  1. Excellent post. Welcome to the bright big world of adulthood, my friend. The beach would have been my pick too. :)

  2. That feeling of indecision sucks! I know it as well, and I agree with Sarah that the beach was definitely a great choice. (I'm way behind on my blogger reading, if you couldn't tell...)

    Also, your shoes are cute! SO glad I got to talk with you on skype today!!! I hope we can do it again sometime. :)