Wednesday, December 16, 2009

more thoughts than words

I'm too young to be a teacher. When my student's are giggling and drawing in class, I just want to join them. ;)

 I am nervous about hosting Christmas lunch at my apartment and really, really excited. I get to share my favorite holiday with so many people who have never experienced it and a lot of people who will be fighting homesickness like me. I want my home to be a haven of happiness for fellow JETs and Japanese Teachers alike. 

My friend Shoshana will be here in a week and a half and I want to cartwheel with excitement. I never could cartwheel. I was the shame of my junior high cheerleading squad. 

I don't have any Christmas lights so I am going to light candles instead. Innovation. :P

My house is cold, but I am stubborn. This is Okinawa, and I am not ready for it to be cold. Therefore, it isn't.  See, delusions work great!

I drink cocoa every night to take the edge off. Ha ha!

oOOOh update on my car! The garage that is loaning me this current car and scrapping my old one said that they would like me to buy the car I am borrowing. Yay! It will only be about $800 but I also need to pay for new tires. So, I will continue to be dead broke for awhile, but I will be free to drive this car around with a clear conscience! :D It is an ugly little clunker, but it is familiar and comfortable now. :) 

Speaking of being broke, is it pay day yet? I am so glad that Thatcher bought a giant bag of rice when he was here, but I am getting sick of eating rice and eggs every night. :P Now I know better than to take a trip and buy a laptop on the same paycheck. Whoops!

Teaching is so enlivening! I wish I could teach more classes every day. It is the down time in between classes that exhausts me. Well, that and lesson planning. Eek. 

My English is degenerating more every day. I am shocked that I remembered the word degenerating, but I am not certain I used it right... er,  correctly.  

Every time somebody goes out of their way to speak English, I feel so blessed and thankful. I will forever be in awe of people from other countries who can function in America where people can be so unobliging.

Mrs. Over-committer needs more outlets for her energy. I need at least one choir, some sort of leadership position, and more dancing. Minimum. ;)

Okay that's enough scattered thoughts for today. :) Thanks for tuning in!


  1. The second to last paragraph made me smile. :)

    Hang in there and stay faithful with the things God has placed before you. In due time, you will be entrusted with much.

  2. I'm too young to be a supervisor/manager, especially since my "misbehaving students" are all my age or older! AHHHHHH!!! So scary!