Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update from Idaho. :)

I am home in Idaho for a few days and finally have time to do some online research, watch the DVD I received from Okinawa, and prepare myself a little more.I keep starting blogs, saving them as drafts, and then never returning to them.

I have so much to say that each time I begin to say it, I end up getting overwhelmed and the overwhelming emotion becomes... well... overwhelmingness. (he he)

In one week and approximately 17 hours, I will be boarding a plane with two too-small suitcases and moving my entire life to a completely different country. Talk about overwhelming.

Despite the negative emotions (loss, fear, terror, sadness), I have found so many reasons to rejoice in these final weeks of preparation. The details are coming together in a way that makes me feel immensely blessed.

For example:
-My wonderful successor has agreed to let me pay for everything I am buying from her (car, furniture, misc) after I get my first couple pay checks. *sigh of relief*

-The car I am buying is pretty cute with just a little cosmetic damage. :) You can see it here:

-I may be purchasing Michelle and Peter's old laptop to hold me over until I can afford my dream Mac. Money just isn't coming together right now.

-I learned that my high school is highly academic and my students are mostly driven and motivated. Sweet

So these are little highlights that keep me from drowning under waves of panic and mourning. I exaggerate.

Well, back to spending time with my family. :)

I love you, my friends, and am going to miss you.

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