Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ohayogozaimasu, Okinawa! (it's not actually morning, but I like it. ;))

Wow. I made it. I am definitely caught up in a movie, because there is no way that in two short days I flew into paradise (a hot one at that), drove to a beautiful high school, met some of my future students, and then rode (in my future car) to what will soon become my apartment. Unreal.

Rachel (my predecessor whose apartment and car I am inheriting after her contract is up) is out graciously buying some groceries for us. I just dragged myself off the futon, across the tatami mats, through sliding wooden doors which seperate the rooms, and to her mac to type this little note. Unreal.

The miniature fan Thatcher bought me is working overtime to keep me sane right now. It makes a comforting buzzing noise to cut the silence, ease the loneliness, combat the heat of doom. Rachel's AC helps, but just a little. This is going to take some getting used to. Tomorrow I will go back to my new high school, meet more teachers and students, get better acquainted with the school system, and then run around to do all the necessary arrival paperwork. I need my alien registration card for sure and I may be able to open a bank account and such as well. I also need to read and sign my contract.... For my job. My real,full-time job. My career. Unreal.

well, the futon suddenly seems MUCH more appealing than this computer chair. Back to my collapse.

Oooh, there goes my first Okinawan bug! It is a little red guy who crawled up the way behind this computer and behind one of Rachel's wall decorations. I hope they are all that small.. but doubt it.

Goodnight! (Konbanwa, I believe,)

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