Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prints for Sale

Prints for Sale
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ReBekha Michele
I am selling prints of my photography to help with all the expenses for this move (including a new suitcase, appropriate clothes, and the first month rent/food/etc before I receive a pay check. A girl's gotta eat!).

I've selected some of my favorite and best artwork and have tried to make the prices both reasonable and still worth all the work I am putting into this.

I will also be having a little art show at my church so that the community can view the prints and place orders in person.

I am finally taking a big step with my photography! I hope it pays off. :) My dad even made business cards for me. sweet!

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  1. Awesome! Too bad I'm between jobs right now and hoping to make my own ends meet, or I would TOTALLY be buying your pictures. :)