Monday, June 1, 2009

Preparation Part 2: Cooking & Seaweed Bathing

I've explored Uwajimaya a few times now, trying to become vaguely familiar with what may be available to me in Japan.
Last time, my friend Thatcher bought me these Yamaimo Soba noodles, and I cooked about a third of them for a late lunch today. They were delicious! My sister added butter to hers, and I added cilantro which ended up tasting pretty delicious. :) I took a ton of photos (of course) and look forward to taking more as my cooking adventures continue!

Thatcher also bought me seaweed and instructed me to boil it and bathe in the broth... so I am off to try that one out! Apparently it is a Japanese beauty secret, or he just made it up, but either way I am excited to test it out. ;)

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  1. From your post on facebook, I couldn't tell if YOU were the one bathing in the seaweed broth, or if the NOODLES were bathing in the seaweed broth. Thanks for clarifying. ;)