Monday, July 30, 2012

Office Prank

Among the many amazing, wonderful people who are abandoning me this year is Max, my favorite coworker. I can't even begin to deal with all the emotions that come with saying goodbye to him or my other friends, so I am just going to get to the subject of this blog: pranking Max. 

I've been wanting to pull a decent prank on Max for awhile. He's the kind of easy-going, fun guy who just begs to be pranked, and I am just the punk coworker to do it. 

Even though his contract has expired so he no longer needs to come in to work, I knew Max was going to be there for a little while this afternoon, and brought supplies with me to begin work in the morning. 

I planned to just gift-wrap the things on and in his desk with blue paper, but once I ran out of things to wrap, I realized that the desk looked a bit bare, and thought I might as well wrap it, too. 

At that point, another coworker finished her classes and came over to help me. She had the idea of putting tape, sticky side up, on his chair and dubbed it the "Max, don't leave" chair. 

We added a few silly posters just for fun and sat down to wait. 

Finally, around 2 p.m., Max arrived. He was definitely surprised but maybe a little too harried to fully enjoy it.  ;)

He was a good sport, and it was a fun way to pass some boring office hours, but next time I prank someone I want it to really cause a reaction. ;) Maybe my new coworker will be a victim to my cruelty someday. Mwahahaha. (I hope he's not reading this.)
Any prank ideas you guys wanna share?

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