Friday, August 5, 2011


I'd be the easiest person in the world to torture for information. Just put me in solitude for 24 hours and I will start screaming: "Please! I'll tell you whatever you want!! Just let me out of here!! I need human contact!"

Sarra needs bentos.
Do you hear that, Typhoon Muifa? You did it; you drove me to the point of despair! What do you want to know??! I will tell you anything! Just please, please, please! Let me outdoors. Let me breathe fresh air and laugh and eat fresh fruit! I am BEGGING YOU!!

It's not like I've been alone all the time, either. I spent almost 24 hours at Sarra's watching movies and eating constantly, and about 12 hours at Max's after I came over for dinner and got trapped when the storm unexpectedly grew stronger. These friends have been amazing, and I'm so glad I wasn't alone all this time, but I still feel all the energy leaving my body. I feel the mad desperation of a person tortured for many hours, on the verge of breaking entirely.

Please, typhoon Muifa! What do you WANT from me?!  You ragging maniac, let us out of here!!!!

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  1. Bahaha, those photos of Sarra and Max are priceless.