Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kazuno: Sneak Peek

Look at me! Making sneak peek blogs like a pro! Too bad I am only masquerading as a photographer. For now. ;) 

Mommy-to-be, Kazuno, and I headed to Toyosaki Beach today to take advantage of the blue skies and sunset potential for her maternity photo shoot. 

She is going to have her first baby any day now, so I was a little worried when the typhoon rolled in and I didn't know when we'd see the sun again. Luckiliy, it returned in time for us to capture that adorable baby bump. 

Being pregnant in Okinawa may not be so bad after all. 
The sunset did not disappoint, and I did my best to capture it and my gorgeous friend. I took about a thousand photos, and so these are just a few (mostly) unedited samples of what's to come. 

Soo many sun flare photos!
This is no where near the best of them, but I love her happy smile!  

Oh, what a fun day! 

Blooper Photo. Win. :) 


  1. the weather looks nice over there, finally!!!

    my sis is going to go okinawa next week and she was worried about the weather. hehe

    wow! congrats to your friend :D

  2. You made me look 100 tiimes better!
    It was one of the best days since I got pregnant.
    Thank you sooooo much.