Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ojima Beach BBQ

By the time the Koyo Festival was over, us ALTs were ready to relax on the beach with some grilled meat. Luckily, Kazuno and I were prepared.
(Especially Kazuno. Thank you for all the planning!!)
 We drove down to the beach on Ojima (O Island) and started the grills while the sun was still burning down on us. We were too hungry to wait! 
 Luckily, last weekend my friend Neave made some vegetable skewers soaked in Italian dressing, and I was able to do do it again this weekend. So delicious. 
 The sunset from the beach was lovely. 

 and the company was great! 
 Kazuno also brought some things along to burn in a bonfire, and we were able to gather some wood from a tree that had fallen during the typhoon. 
 It was warm and relaxing. I am looking forward to many more bonfires throughout the summer.
It was a fantastic time and a really wonderful way to start our post-weekend time off (Koyo didn't have school Monday or Tuesday in exchange for working Saturday and Sunday). 

Thanks again, Kazuno! You are a BBQ expert. :D 

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  1. how often do you have bbq in one summer? here i see many students doing bbq every week near the river. looks nice but i never did it!!!