Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gumball Rally 2011

 Okinawa JETs have an annual tradition of going a little crazy and having some fun around the island. It's a scavenger hunt, of sorts, but includes a variety of photos and videos to be taken or items to procure that are... a little out of the ordinary. But still legal. 

We call it The Gumball Rally. 

This year's event was organized by my favorite, Sarra, and our friends Lisa and Grant. 

 They made sure the teams were all organized, prepared the scavenger hunt list, and even planned a BBQ for when we finished.

When I heard that Gumball Rally was approaching, I put a team together of my favorite coworkers and another favorite ALT from Naha. Once we received our list, we were unstoppable.

We completed our first task within seconds of starting: share a donut without using your hands. Bravo, teammates!
A "blockhead" indeed.

Cross Dressing. Working that sexy Japanese style.
The cashier glared at us so much... :) Worth it. 

Jumping Jubilantly at Jusco! 

Challenge someone to a soda chugging contest. The student won. :) 

My baby daikon (giant radish). He has his mama's skin tone, don't you think?

Cramming into a small space. 

Eating raw goya (bitter melon). 

The littlest, pimpinest snowman. 

Typhoon teeter totter.
 Ah yes, I should mention that we had a tropical storm/typhoon roll through this weekend. The weather today was less than ideal, but didn't dampen our sense of adventure. Besides, we were able to complete many of the tasks while still indoors. Hoorah!

Tree Climbers.

Cliff Jumpers. 

Fake eyelash... wearers. 
These are just a few of a long list of challenges. Some of the best are the videos, but those were taken on another camera. Perhaps I can procure them and share them with you next time.

At 5:30, we met our judges and the other competing teams at the beach to tally scores and enjoy a rainy-day bbq. Additional points were given for team costumes and we planned ours well in advance.

Heroes vs. Villians

Max as "Corporeal Punishment"

Osborne as "Yankee Boy" 

Wang as "Goya Girl"

And me as "SHE-sa, Guardian of the Peace." (With Javier who was super sleepy.)
 Once all the points had been tallied, the judges announced the winners. Can you guess who took it by a landslide of points? Our team!!
It was a proud moment for us. 
I'm glad that OkiJETs are so awesome, that the planners came up with such a fun list of items, and that I had the best team EVER.

Gumball Rally 2011 = Success! 

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  1. I love it! I want to do something like that here. :)