Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pre-Departure Sunday

I reserved all of today for cleaning and packing in preparation for my upcoming trip to Seattle. I will only be there for a week so I am taking my super small suitcase. This should make packing easier... but the opposite is true. More about that later. 

Anyhow, I spent the morning cleaning the whole apartment, doing laundry, and setting aside some outfits, but then Sarra came over and the weather was SO lovely (71 and sunny?!) that we just had to go out for awhile. Cafe KUGAFU it is! 

There're few better ways to celebrate sunshine than a leisurely lunch at a favorite cafe. Especially when they have a new sandwich! Tuna fish open-faced bagel sandwich: win! So yummmmyyyy. 

It was also nice to be out with someone who also compulsively photographs her food. :) 
We have so much in common. 

 When we got back from lunch I seriously applied myself to the packing process. I filled almost my entire bag without even packing clothes. Eek! At this point I knew I would have to narrow down my clothing choices pretty drastically so Sarra helped me by watching me model each outfit and giving me advice. What a great friend. :) 

Now, it's only 7 p.m. and my apartment is sparkly, my bag is (tightly) packed, and my To Do list is practically finished. What a perfect way to prepare for a trip! Tomorrow it's off to the airport and 12 hours of flights. Before you know it, I will be in Seattle. Hooray!

Look out, America, I'm coming back. ;)


  1. Coming home to a clean house after a trip is the best feeling. I salute you.

    Also, do I spy Rainbow Pocky? YESSS!

    Have a fun trip and enjoy the wedding celebrations.

  2. I completely agree. Clean apartment is trip preparation priority #1. :) Well, behind actually purchasing tickets, I guess.

    Yes! I saw the rainbow pocky at Village Vanguard and thought of you... then I bought them out. I hope they re-stock soon. :) Have you gone to purchase any yet?

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi ReBekha,

    What a nice friend!!!


    I have to learn from you to clean up our home... we are way behind the removal stuff...

  4. miss you already!

    and that is a crazy picture-taking face! ha!