Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have been addicted to the news these last few days. Every time I sit in front of the computer, I start clicking and reading and, before I know it, hours have passed. The majority of the news is still devastating: rolling blackouts, nuclear meltdown, morality rates rising, huge aftershocks... but, every now and then, there is something positive, something hopeful.

That is what today's blog is about--the good news.

1.  This article about rescuers who found a four month old baby and a seventy year old woman alive after surviving for days. The baby was found under a pile of debris after being swept away from her family, but was joyfully reunited again.

2. This photo of a man who stayed afloat on the roof of his house and was rescued after two days afloat, waiving his red flag in vain. Can you imagine how cold it was, how lonely, and how terrifying? Yet, this sixty-year-old man stayed alive and clung to hope. So, so inspiring. Here's the article.

3. This website, shared by the always pet-conscious Professor Pope. It's easy to forget that there are other creatures affected by this disaster: the animals, but some people are working hard to save as many of those little guys as possible.

4. This video of a California student who found video of her family in a tsunami-wrecked village, still alive, and holding up signs that everyone in their house is okay. Modern technology can be such a blessing.

5. The report from a fellow JET teacher that the Okinawa blood bank is at 100% capacity. That means a TON of people have gotten out and donated. Wonderful! :D

6. A facebook event,  MAN up for Japan. A "man" (pronounced mon) is the yen equivalent of about $100 and this event is put on by a volunteer JET organization and is for people in Japan to easily donate using the machines in family mart. The idea is that everyone who RSVPs will donate 1man on Friday (payday for many of us). Since over 2,500 people RSVP'd "Yes," that's more than $250,000. Not so shabby, ne? Go, JET!

Despite alllll the bad, good things are happening. People are stepping up. Another article that brought some perspective is this one about how much Japan helped American during the Katrina catastrophe. America now has the opportunity to prove that we are a good neighbor, too.

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