Sunday, October 10, 2010


Oh, just typing that date gives me a little rush. Don't you just love it? 10.10.10. Beautiful.

If I ever get married (...), I want it to be on a date like this one. Yep, I am one of those girls.

And I would go even further. I'd have ten bridesmaids, ten cakes, ten dresses, ten receptions... or ... something like that.

Ha ha! Sorry, just rambling. :P

In honor of this lovely date, here are ten things that made me smile (or "Things That Have Made Me Giddily Happy") in the last busy, busy week.

1. Decorating my apartment for fall. Check!

 2. Wine and cheese party with Kazuno and Tim. Yum!

3. Exploring with Travis: Aha Falls!

 4. This tree house at Beach Rock Village. Isn't it excellent?

 4. My Ryukyu Dance class! 

5. Travis joining in on the fun. :D 

6. "Watching" the world's largest tug of war by eating delicious italian food, hanging out on a rooftop, and getting coffee with these crazies. :) 

 7. These people. :) 

 8. Playing with this precious little girl and seeing her family one last time before their move back to the US. Gonna miss them so much!

9. A (mostly) clean apartment.

Not Pictured.

10. Change. ;) 


  1. I went to a wedding yesterday for one of my work friends. She had picekd 10/10/10 over a year ago for her wedding. I also read a LOT about 8/8/8 and 9/9/9 weddings when I was prepping for my wedding. I've also heard of 1/2/03 weddings and other creative things with dates. I'm glad you had 10 things you were happy about yesterday. Also just noticed that you posted this at 10AM :)

  2. Thank u for the wine party.
    Super fun til....・゚・(ノД`)ヽ(゚Д゚#)

    Awesome decoration!!Love it.