Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock Star ReBekha, Fresh Water Longing, Lunar Eclipse in Paradise

The following three events have been so note-worthy that each of them could've kept me happy for a month or more. The fact that they all took place within a week of each other means that I have had no time to write about them. :) So, ya get a three-for-one deal this time!

1. Rock Star ReBekha
A few weeks ago, some of the teachers approached us ALTs about singing with their band at the school festival. Four practices later, I was dressed like this:

singing/screaming on stage in front of alllllll of my students as they cheered, jumped up and down, and acted like we were real rock stars.

I was horribly off key, and An forgot most of the words, but we gave it our all and the students didn't seem to mind.
It was a challenging but thoroughly exciting three minutes. Next time I wanna try Lady Gaga.

2. Aha Waterfall
Last Wednesday we had a holiday so a couple of friends and I drove a couple hours north to a fresh waterfall to swim around. :D
The falls were beautiful, and they emptied into a big beautiful pond. So lovely.
The best part? The rope swing.
It'd been such a long time since I'd swam in fresh water, and it was incredibly refreshing. No icky, icky salt in my eyeballs. :)
I want to go here many, many times in the future.

On the drive home we found this adorable turtle. Look at his little face!! I am pretty much in love with turtles now. :)
3. Tokashiki Island
I decided to get away for the weekend kind of last minute, because I was getting a little feverish. So I hopped on a ferry with a couple friends and said so long to all my troubles. Paradise, here I am!

It was a great choice. I went with three lovely ladies and we pretty much just sat on the beach for both days. It was sunny, hot, and gorgeous.

AND there was a lunar eclipse! I loved sitting alone on the beach, listening to the crashing waves (how can one describe that sound and not sound like a cliche? :P), and watch the moon go from full to a sliver and back again. When it was at its fullest it was almost blinding. Gorgeous.

So that is the cliff note version of some pretty epic events. :D

Sometimes I shake myself in disbelief and wonder, is any of this really happening to me?

I'm so glad that the answer is: Yes!


  1. Oh ReBekha!!! Are you a rocker?! What a cool moment!!!

    I heard that it was the 3rd time to observe lunar eclipse this year. Total lunar eclipse will be observed in December! I hope I won't miss it. I mean, I never saw lunar eclipse with the naked eye!!!

  2. Ha ha yeah... I guess so. I sounded truly awful, but it was so much fun. :)

    Ooh yay! Lunar eclipses are so fun. :D I can't wait until December!