Tuesday, April 20, 2010

JET Calendar 2011

Every year, the JET program publishes a calendar with photographs from JETs all over Japan. I am sorting through the photos I have taken over the last eight months, and here are some I have come across which I might submit. I also plan to go out and take a few more photos before the July deadline.
The orientation on this one is not right for the calendar, but I am gonna fiddle with it.

I know that there will probably be hundreds of submissions, and there are only 12 months in a year, but it doesn't hurt to try. :)


  1. i think your photos are really good! ganbatte!

  2. Are you a photographer? Very nice pictures!!!
    The first one is my taste! I love that pink color and the bling-bling background!

  3. Thanks, Kate! *crosses fingers*

    Ochikeron, I like to take photos, but I am not a professional or anything. :) I love the first one the most, too. I think it will suit a calendar pretty well. Maybe March or April. :D

  4. Yes! First one is best! :) I really hope you get into the calendar! Fingers crossed for you!!

  5. Definitely submit! And being that there are two calendars, you actually have 24 months to compete for..
    I really like your cuttlefish shot, but I suspect it was from the aquarium. Captive wildlife shots can draw a lot of ire so you might want to disclaim that if you decide to submit it.

  6. I like all of your pictures, ReBekha, and I always have. I think you have a fair chance to get into the calendar! :) Let us know how it goes, hey?