Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traveling Traveler

It seems a bit surreal that tomorrow I am flying to Fukoka, a prefecture
of Japan.

My friends Julie and Ruth suggested a trip to Fukoka about a month ago in
order to enjoy the scenery and some shopping, and I said, "sure." The
tickets are fairly inexpensive, and I have been yearning to see some fall
foilage, so I jumped on it. Besides, Julie and Ruth are two of my most
favoritest people here, and I am excited to travel with them.

Most of the trip will be devoted to shopping, but my list is actually
quite short. I need a few "cold" weather clothing items to keep me through
the Okinawa "winter," I hope to purchase some holiday-related food at
Costco (please have butterball turkey, please have butterball turkey!),
and maybe pick up a few Christmas gifts, but other than that I am just
tagging along. :) I plan to just go with the flow and bring a book if I
tire of window shopping.

This, though, should make the trip more than worth it:

Dazaifu Temple:,temples_shrines,0,,1,1,0,,x.shtml

Mount Hiko:
(but with FALL leaves! :))

This will be my first time (hopefully of many) traveling in Japan (outside
of Okinawa). Yay adventure!

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  1. Oooo...those are definitely good reasons to go! (And I'll pray for that butterball turkey!)