Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three Simple Stories

I posted a note on facebook from my cell phone earlier, then unexpectedly got internet access at a friend's, so I decided to share my stories here, too. :) Please forgive the poor format. It is hard to control these things from a cell phone.

story 1: zombie car

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i am feeling terribly restless but have done so much and slept so little this weekend that i have little motivation to remedy my boredom.
so, i blog.
i hope my photos serve as a decent substitute update when i dont have the time or ability to write. :) if you have been following my albums then you know that okinawa is full of beauty and adventures. so much so that this moment of lethargy seems much more severe in contrast. :P
since typing on this phone is such a hassle, i will limit the telling to the three most eventful happenings in the last few weeks.
the first is the saga of the zombie car.last weekend i was driving to pick up a friend with two other friends in my jet mobile when i improperly yielded on a right turn.i didn't see the other car until my bumper was introducing itself to her side panel.
the worst part for me was the shock. sure my car now resembles the undead, but that is nothing compared to the feeling in my gut when my brain replays that instant of metal, glass, and fear.

story 2: paradise within paradise
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continued from previous. stupid character limit.
at the time of the crash my friends and i were headed to catch the ferry to tokashiki island for a JET get away. since no one was injured and i couldnt do anything but mope at home,we decided to continue on and catch a later ferry. i am SO glad we did. it was exactly what i needed to recover.

i cant express how much fun i had. i swam, snorkled, explored, bonded, slept on the sand under the stars, and woke up to the sunrise. glorious.

it was awful returning from paradise to the reality of insurance claims anda zip tied bumper but my real world happens to be set in paradise and the beach is never more than a short drive away... even the zombie car can handle that!

story 3: 22!
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living on a small island definitely has its perks: one being my proximity to beautiful beaches at all times. i kept this advantage in mind when planning my birthday and, with the help of incredible new friends,managed to get a beach bbq together.
it was perfect. i have status-updated it to death but i just want to tell you how happy i am to be able to celebrate with such great people when my other great people are so far away. thanks everyone. :)

well no matter how hard i try to distract myself, school will still start in the morning and i should go through my powerpoint once more. SO NERVOUS!

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