Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Engagement Photos from fotoShisa Photography!

As you read in my last post, J and I recently got engaged, and one of the major things on my Post-Engagement To Do List (behind jumping up and down, calling everyone, crying a lot, and getting a manicure) 
 was to get engagement photos taken.  I love, love looking up engagement photos online, 
and photographs are incredibly important to me, so I started searching for professional
photographers in Oki right away (ok I technically started looking before he proposed... details, details.) 

When I found Pete Leong (of fotoShisa Photography), I knew he was the man for the job. The photos on his facebook page are not just professional and beautiful, but tend to highlight the silly side of his subjects. Just what I had in mind! 

We met on an overcast but pleasant day in early January at the castle ruins in Kitanakagusuku. J and I were a little  early, but Pete was already there and had scouted out the location for our first couple of photos: a beautiful old  banyan tree.   

Since Javier and I had our first date at Starbucks, I wanted a couple shots with our favorite beverages. Pete ran with that idea right away and had such great ideas! 
I knew right then that he was definitely the right photographer for us.

We also wanted a few Okinawa-themed photos with my sanshin. 
The roots of the banyan tree were the ideal setting!

I mentioned before that we met at the castle ruins, but our real objective was to walk to an abandoned hotel nearby and get some unique images there.

The grafitti made great backgrounds, and they inspired some super silly photos. 

All of those images make for a pretty perfect engagement session, don't you think? 
But the best is yet to come! 
 Our main objective was to get really crazy, a little dirty, and leave a mark... on each other?? 

Keep reading for the really great photos!

Paint fight!
I am so lucky J is as crazy and  ridiculous as I am!

I think when I first mentioned this idea to Pete he thought I was joking, but when I showed him my inspiration, he seemed to get pretty excited about it.  I know I was! 

 In the end, I can't believe how many unique and gorgeous and fun photos we got. 
It was THE best experience, and I wish we could do it over and over again! 
Even after the three hour shower it took to get all that paint off! 

If you are reading this, Pete, thank you so much for a great time and for such
 incredible photos. To everyone else, if you  need a photographer for any reason,  contact fotoShisa Photography. You won't regret it!   



  1. CONGRATS!!! long time no seen. but i am very happy to see this post :) amazing photos!!!

    1. Thank you!! I still watch your videos on youtube. You are amazing. <3

  2. I enjoyed having engagements taken. It was so fun! We had a budding photographer do them so she could add them to her portfolio. We've used them to create albums for the wedding, wedding decorations and even thank you post cards for all our showers! Also, when interviewing wedding photographers, we found most include engagements in the package deal!