Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You Get What You Pay For (Sometimes)

100 yen stores are miraculous. For the equivalent of $1, you can buy a whole variety of useful and interesting things. I bought most of my Halloween costume, my thanksgiving decorations, my christmas decorations, and my car decorations at 100 yen stores. They are far superior to dollar stores in the U.S. Far

You have to be careful, however, because sometimes you get what you pay for. This is the tale of two recent (ish) bargains.

 Do you remember the green nail polish I bought for my Halloween costume? I was so thrilled with it at the time, but when I removed it a few days later, I saw that it had turned my nails a creepy yellow color. Not cool. Well, it's been nearly a month and a half since Halloween and my nails? Still half-yellow. 

Though it's difficult to tell in this photo. 
On the other hand, when I was Christmas shopping the other day, I needed a pen to mark my list. So, I grabbed this blue one at the same 100 yen store. Not expecting much, I ripped open the package and discovered the BEST Pen I've Ever Owned. It's perfect. It is incredibly sharp which makes my handwriting look super neat, it's a great color, the ink flows at the perfect rate, and the grip is so... grippy. This pen is so fantastic that it makes me want to write real letters and put them in the mail. Seriously.

So, send me your mailing address. You're getting a letter! Really, do it. I mean it.

And that is the tale of the 100 yen stores. They are a must, but shop with caution.
The end. :P


  1. I will facebook you my current address. :)

  2. hahaha! I totally agree with you!!! I remember I sometimes get real stupid thing for 100 yen. I even thought was better to buy it at regular stores...

    However, like you say, some are real valuable! My recent impressive purchase was a tea strainer. Mine was with a hole for about years but if I get a new one at grocery store, it cost me more than 600 yen, so I didn't change it... but one day I found it at 100 yen store!!! I regret why I didn't get it as soon as I can... now there is no hassle making jap tea. haha

  3. Try bleaching your nails - that is what smokers do.

  4. Ugh dude, sorry about your nails. That always happens to me too when I have any nail polish on for a long period of time. As for the pen, I gots to gets me one of those!

  5. Thank you, Beff. ;)
    Ochi- I LOVE the 100 yen store. I bought most of my Christmas presents there.. ha ha!
    Thanks for the tip about the bleaching... I didn't know that !
    Kate, I have been just keeping my nails painted. Not so bad. When I make my way back over to that 100 yen store, I will buy 30 of these pens.