Monday, November 8, 2010

How Happy was Halloween? THIS Happy.

I know some people balk at the idea of celebrating Halloween because of its roots in paganism, its dark and twisty side, or its consumerist emphasis, but I just can't help but love it. Modern Halloween doesn't have anything to do with pagan beliefs, and who doesn't like to be spooked by a ghost story now and then? Also, let's be honest, what holiday ISN'T commercialized by now?

 If you get past those complaints, how can you not love October 31st? A holiday that let's you pour out your creative energy, make (and eat) delicious treats, host and attend parties, and wear numerous costumes? Yes, please! 

Here are a few of the many, many, many things that made Halloween 2010 especially happy for me: 
From the top left corner:
1- Playing Dress Up: Angel 
     A simple, quick, and cool (read: not hot) costume for my 2nd year classes
2- Pumpkin Pancakes
     Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes.
3- Harry Potter Lesson
    An incredibly involved, super fun class. x10.
4- Carving Pumpkins
    with some special first year students and two amazing CouchSurfers. :)
5- Halloween Party
    at one of my churches. Super fun. :D
6- Pumpkin 1 
    which was carved at my...
7- Carving Pumpkin Party.
     Max looks good in a maid's apron, huh? We also carved...
8- Pumpkin 2
    The lovely Shisa O'Lantern.
9- Playing Dress Up: McGonagall
    For that Harry Potter lesson mentioned above.
10- Snickerdoodles 
    Baked and photographed by the excellent Angelo. Savored and devoured by me.
11- Costume Fashion Show
    Fun with 2nd year students.
12- My Angel 
    Crafts with my adopted Japanese family, including their youngest sweetheart. <3
13- Playing Dress Up: Poison Ivy
    I really, really love wearing costumes. :)


  1. You look super cute on your costumes!!! What a fun halloween!!! Is that all going on in Japan?! We don't do a big party around here, so I envy you!!! Maybe at schools we do... What a fun time!!!