Friday, September 10, 2010

Future Dream Job?

I love teaching high school.
 I love my students. I love their level of intelligence, their ability to grasp complex subjects, and their (occasional) ability to carry on (semi)full conversations in a foreign language.   I am right where I should be, right where I want to be. 

Even so...

In my heart, I am, undeniably, a kindergarten teacher. I would so rather teach "A, B, C; apple, ball, cat" than "Opinion, Reason, Refutation." My demeanor is so much better suited for story time and crafts than essay time and tests. 

So, when I stumbled across an ad for an ESL elementary teacher in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand (the province I visited in 2005 which sparked my passion to live abroad), my heart raced and my mind scrambled.
 I nearly whipped out my resume and responded on the spot. 

Then, I came back to earth. I don't want to leave this job, not this year and not next. I don't doubt that I am an incredibly lucky lady to be placed where I am. Not only do I get to tackle interesting subjects with my students, but I get to build relationships with them in a way that is impossible with lower level students. At the same time, I volunteer with kids at a local church on Saturday mornings and embrace any other opportunities to spend time with the little ones.
My little ladybug.

So, for now, I recognize the HUGE benefits that I reap being here at this fantastic high school with dedicated and interested students, but
I can dimly picture a future where my clothes are daily revamped by finger paint and my hair a mess of duck-duck-goose glory. I can't wait. ;)