Friday, July 9, 2010

Cafe KUGAFU: Updated

Cafe KUGAFU Mosaic
Originally uploaded by ReBekha Michele
I felt a little down today after failing my Japanese driver's test (more on that later), so I decided to spend the rest of my morning off at my favorite cafe: KUGAFU. I wrote about this place before in my "Open Letters" blog, and continue to go back at least once a week. I love it so much!

So, I've decided to write a little review about them for the Okinawa JET newsletter, and another for a local website called Okinawa Hai. Gotta share the love! I will post one of the reviews on here when I finish, too. :)

To prepare for those reviews, I took a bunch of photos today. Here are a few of my favorites in mosaic form. Yay!

Kazuno-san (the owner's daughter who helps run the cafe) was incredibly obliging. She answered all my questions, tolerated my photo-craziness, and was so kind. Thank you, Kazuno-san!

I'm really excited to have a writing "assignment" of sorts. I've missed this!

p.s. Kazuno-san has used some of my photos on the KUGAFU website! Click here.


  1. heeeeey
    thank u so much for the update.
    when did u take a picture of me?!!!!
    i love the rest:D
    see u soon....

  2. Hello Kazuno! I miss you and KUGAFU. :D Tokyo is great, though!
    I just submitted the review and will know in the next couple days if they will accept it and when it will be published, so I'll let you know! I hope everything is well in Okinawa. :)