Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beach Streak and Beast Smoke

1.Mibaru Beach

2. "Ghost Beach" (Our nickname for the beach because it is supposedly haunted. I don't know the actual name.)

3. Hiyakuna Beach

4. Gushichan Beach

5. Naminoue Beach (Not the prettiest view in the world...)

6. Hiyakuna Beach (again)

For six straight days, I have gone for a walk on the beach,
and it has made a huge impact on my attitude.
Even though I live in paradise, it is easy to get caught up in the daily blah-blah,
but a trip to the beach can completely refresh my perspective and
remind me just how lucky I am to be here.

Yesterday I sadly broke my 6 day streak.
Or, more accurately, the weather broke it.

Up until Sunday the weather was absolutely perfect: sunshine, blue skies, warmth. It was so warm, in fact, that I got a sunburn on Saturday, but Sunday it started to get gloomy and yesterday it was so wet and cold and windy that I couldn't bear the thought of going anywhere but home. The weather is no better today. Worse, in fact.
I need my sunshine and my paradise back!

In Other News:

My car died. Again. Gah! Driving a car here has been the most
stressful, expensive experience of my life.
My poor Beast.

Last night I was driving my friend to her surprise birthday party. When I stopped at a red light, I noticed white smoke billowing from beneath my hood. I pulled the Beast over and my temperature gauge was through the roof. Luckily, another friend was nearby and was able to pick us up.

On the way home, I decided to try and get it back to my house. I made it about a km from home when the smoke and the heat started up again. Fortunately, I was just a block from my car garage so I parked my beast-baby on their door step and left the key in the ashtray.
My supervisor said she would call this morning and tell them why.


Now I really need a walk on the beach!


  1. From my supervisor's translation it sounds like there is a problem with the transmission so they are going to replace it? I know nothing about cars.

    Whatever the problem is, it'll cost me 2man (about $200)! Ahhhhh!!!!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! BTW, I read about 2/3 of your blog today (I had already read the first 1/3) while at school today. I had a VERY long break and was trying to distract myself from the tiredness. Mission accomplished. Now I want to be with you in Japan soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!! Hopefully I will be soon. (well, maybe not right with you) Sorry about your car, but the beautiful beach more than makes up for it.